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Our speciality is finding fine antique desks and writing furniture to meet our Client's unique requirements.  This website describes how we do this and shows examples of many of the hundreds of pieces of fine furniture we have found and supplied to our Clients in the UK and around the world.  Please Contact Us with your Requirements

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Please note: we do not hold a stock of desks for immediate delivery.  We are not a shop, rather we search for specific items for our clients to meet their unique requirements.  More details can be found on our "Desk Finder Service" Page


A unique reference resource for fine antique furniture in general and antique desks and antique writing furniture in particular

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 Buying an Antique Desk
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 Antique Desk Finder Service
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OUR BUSINESS: We are a leading Antique Dealer specialising in finding Fine Antique Desks and related Antique Office Furniture (tables, chairs, bookcases etc).  Located in the UK our business is over 30 years old and was established on the Internet in 1996. We have many delighted Clients from all over the World - see our recent Testimonials.  Over the years we have sourced literally thousands of pieces of fine furniture.  We hold a portfolio of nearly 10,000 digital images of the antique furniture we have sold over the years, making this a unique archive 

Antique Victorian Mahogany Partners Desk - Sourced and Sold by

Antique Victorian Mahogany Partners Desk - Sourced & Sold by

FINDING THE IDEAL DESK:    We specialise in finding fine English pieces primarily from the Georgian, William IV, Victorian and Edwardian eras. Prices start at less than 1,000 and go up to 10,000 or more for an exceptional item.  We offer a unique Antique Desk Finding Service - Click here for more details

Antique Kidney Shaped Desk - Sourced and Siold by

Antique Kidney Shaped Desk - Sourced & Sold by

THE GENTLEMAN'S LIBRARY:  We often get requests for other types of antique library furniture, including writing & reading tables, portfolio and music stands and library accessories.  Examples for some of the library furniture we have sourced and sold can be seen on our featured (Victorian) "Gentleman's Library" page

RESTORATION OF ANTIQUE DESKS:  All the furniture items we supply are fully restored (where necessary) to the highest retail standards.  More information on how we restore our stock can be found on our Desk Restoration page together with examples showing "before" and "after" photographs.

NOTE ON SIZES:  We categorise our desks by size, primarily, width and depth.  Therefore our Large Desks and Writing Tables typically have a width greater than 60" (153cm), Medium Sizes have a width greater than 48" (122cm) and Smaller Sizes have a width of 48" (122cm) or less.  Our  Antique Writing Desks and Antique Writing & Reading Tables come in a wide variety of sizes


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