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This is our Blog and News Page where we aim to keep our Clients informed of issues arising in our speciality area of Antique Desks and Antique Desk Accessories.



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Our ANTIQUE DESKS Blog - on Blogger Blogspot



16th September 2016 - Classic Antique Writing Desks sources antique writing furniture for our Clients.  We are often asked to find classic writing desks.  The term Antique Writing Desk relates to a piece of furniture that has special and unique features related to its main purpose - i.e. writing and the handling of stationery and related writing materials .  Fine examples of such desks can be seen in our listings of Antique Writing Desks.  It is also worth visiting our Antique Desks Archive to see some of the excellent and rare examples we have sold in the past

11th August 2016 - Quality desks by well known craftsmen and furniture makers

Over the years has sold literally thousands of pieces of high quality antique writing furniture to delighted clients from all over the world.  Naturally we have owned and sold desks, tables and other items of antique writing furniture that were made by the leading craftsmen and makers of their time and sold by the leading retailers of their age.  Visit our Antique Desk Makers Pages.  Here we illustrate some exceptional examples of stock that we have owned and sold over the years and that can be attributed to various famous makers and retailers including Gillows, Heals, Holland & Sons, Howard & Sons, Maple & Co, Shapland & Petter and more

29th June 2016 - Antique Desk Accessories

Antique desk accessories - a unique gift or special item for the collector.  We can source and supply a variety of genuine desk accessories including ink wells, pen stands, letter openers, desk clocks, seals, stationery cabinets, paperweights, letter racks, magnifying glasses, desk sets, reading stands and more.  Some of the larger items we have supplied can be seen on our Antique Desk Accessories page

19th June 2016 - Arts and Crafts Furniture Back in Fashion?

We have recently seen a big upturn in interest in original authentic quality Arts and Crafts Furniture - not least desks, tables, chairs and bookcases.  Strong interest in items by Shapland & Petter, Liberty's and Goodyears among others - see some great examples in our Archive of Antique Writing Desks  and Antique Writing Desks pages for more ideas of what is out there and what we can find for you and your home or office.

18th May 2014 - Antique Writing Desks

Click to see examples of the types of specialist Antique Writing Desk we can find.  Many styles and types exist.  Please contact us with your requirements.   Also see our Archive of Antique Writing Desks for more ideas.

3rd May 2016 - Antique Desks in all sizes

Large Antique Desks, Small Antiques Desks, Medium Size Antique Desks - Click to see examples of the types of desk we can find in each size category.  Woods include mahogany (now back in fashion), oak and walnut and occasionally something rarer such as pitch pine or rose wood

4th April 2016 - Archives has been in business for over 30 years and has been sourcing and selling fine antique desks and antique office furniture via the internet since 1996. Over the years we have sold literally thousands of pieces of high quality antique furniture to delighted clients from all over the world.  In addition, we have an archive of nearly 10,000 photographs of all kinds of antique desks, writing tables, chairs and more, that represents one of the largest collections of its type anywhere in the world.  Obviously it is not feasible to share the entirety of our archive via this website, however we have selected a number of pieces that we have sold recently that show the breadth and quality of the antique furniture that we sell.  All these items are desks that we have sourced for our own Clients - Visit our ARCHIVES to see more

8th March 2016 - Antique Desks - Restoration

All our desks, tables and chairs sympathetically restored to excellent retails standards and is ready for many years more use without any further attention - examples of our work can be seen on our Antique Desks Restoration page

21st January 2016 - A Brief History of Antique Desks and Writing Furniture

To read an article we published in a well known Antiques and Interiors Magazine - please follow this link to our Brief History of Antique Desks and Writing Furniture

1st January 2016 - Happy New Year!   Our Guide to Buying an Antique Desk has prepared its own Guide to Buying an Antique Desk.  This useful guide covers not only the basic choices available to prospective buyers but also issues to consider as well as an analysis of the types of desk available, their woods and likely age and condition.

17th December 2015 - Care of Antique Furniture

Click Here to see our own guide to the Care of Antique Furniture.

29th October 2015 - Classic Office Furniture

We offer Classic Custom Made Office furniture including leather desk chairs and library chairs and a large range of filing cabinets and storage cupboards - all made in the UK by a well renowned firm of West Country craftsmen.  For more details see our Classic Office Furniture pages

10th September 2015 - 10 Reasons to Buy an Antique Desk

Our Guide to Buying an Antique Desk and our Top 10 Reasons to Buy an Antique Desk provide helpful advice on choosing your piece of genuine antique writing or office furniture

23rd July 2015 - Search our Database of Antique Furniture we have Sourced and Sold

You can now search, using Google, our unique database of hundreds of antique desks, antique writing tables, antique chairs and antique bookcases, and more, that we have sourced and sold over the years.  Each item comes with a detailed description and a gallery of photos showing the styles and period details of these unique pieces of antique furniture.  Go to our Home Page and enter your search term in the Google Custom Search Box

8th June 2015 - Antique Reading Tables

Unique and patented designs characterise our fine antique reading tables.  Examples that we have sourced and sold can be seen in our archive.  Visit our Antique Reading Tables (and more) page.

24th March 2015 - Famous Desk Makers.  English Antique Furniture Makers

Some of our most popular pages on our website cover famous Antique Desks Makers.  Our website summarises the history and work of some 14 English furniture makers and retailers (and one from the USA).  In addition we provide photos of examples of their work that has sourced and sold over the years.  Makers range from Gillows and Holland and Sons to Edwards & Roberts and Maple & Co.  To view these pages CLICK HERE

2nd March 2015 - Small Desks are a Speciality

One of our specialities is finding unique small antique desks suitable for home office use.  Some examples of recently sold items can be seen on our Small Antique Desks page. In addition to traditional pedestal desks we also source specialist antique writing desks. These come in many designs and are often also of smaller sizes - examples of these can be seen on our Antique Writing Desks page.

6th January 2015 - About - more than just an  "Antique Dealer"

As a leading specialist antique dealer we are able to source top quality Antique Desks and Classic Office Furniture for our private clients, corporate clients, interior designers and the UK and international antique trade. HOWEVER we also offer an interior design service using genuine antique writing and library furniture which we source and supply. Based near Woking, in the UK - we have Clients across the UK, USA and Internationally.  Read more on our About Us Page.

1st December 2014 - Desk Chairs - Old and New can source and supply genuine antique desk chairs (and library chairs) as well as source modern leather alternatives made by a leading UK manufacturer.  To see examples of our Antique Desk Chairs please click here.  To see examples of the Modern Leather Desk Chairs please click here.

14th October 2014 - Fine Antique Writing Tables and Library Tables

As an alternative to an Antique Desk many of our clients now specify an Antique Writing Table or Library Table.  We can source these in a range of sizes, wood and ages - some have drawers on one side only, others (generally the larger sizes) have a "partners" configuration with drawers to both sides - see more examples on our Antique Writing Tables page and our Antique Writing Tables Archive Pages

29th September 2014 - New Location

Please note that we are now serving all our Clients, UK and International,  from our new location near Woking in Surrey, UK


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