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Important Information on our Desks and Desk Accessories

All the antique desks and items of antique writing furniture that we source are of very high quality, are in excellent retail condition condition and require no further restoration (unless otherwise agreed).  However, since they are of significant age (generally over 100 years old) and are genuine antiques they will likely show character marks and patina due to their age and previous use

Antique Writing Desk By Maple & Co    Antique Walnut Dickens Writing Desk by Bulstrode Cambridge    Superb Antique Six Drawer Mahogany Library Table

Antique Desks:  Size Categories

For your convenience, we generally search for desks by size categories

Desks measuring less than 50" in width (127cm) have been categorised as "Small".

"Medium" sized desks are those measuring between 51" (130cm) and 65" (165cm) in width.

Finally, desks measuring 66" (168cm) or more in width and/or 122cm in depth have been categorised as "Large".

Antique William IV Library Chair     Antique Patent Reading Table by Leverson London     Antique Mahogany Bookcase

Antique Desks:  Approximate Age

In the absence of any specific evidence, the age of a desk can only ever be approximate. This is not least because new styles and fashions were not adopted across the whole country at the same time, as new ideas were sometimes slow to spread or be accepted.  Where we have research or documented provenance for a specific desk or table this information will be passed on to the new owner.

Antique Desks:  Leather Writing Surfaces

Where possible we try to retain older or original leather writing surfaces and have them waxed and polished to preserve them.  Where a leather surface is beyond repair or is not in keeping with the character or quality of the item we will replace it with a high quality new item suitably aged by a professional specialist.  Some of our desks or tables may be available with a choice of leather colour (original leather will be dyed and waxed or a new leather applied), in this instance please email to discuss this option further.

Antique Pitch Pine Teachers Desk    Aesthetic Movement Cabinet by Edwards & Roberts    Antique Mahogany Desk by Shapland & Petter

Antique Desks:  Modifications and Repairs

It should be noted that "antique furniture" does not necessarily have every part that is entirely original. The vast majority of antique desks will have needed to have had at least some parts replaced. These could include changes to handles, leather top, castors, hinges, locks and keys. At we are committed to ensure that our customers are aware of these points before a sales transaction is concluded.

It would be very unusual indeed to find an antique desk in truly original condition in every way, not least because desks, with their moving parts, were functional pieces of furniture and as such were often in daily use. Leather tops were often used in conjunction with ink which was prone to spillage. It can be seen then, that an antique desk without any damage or replacement parts would be a rare exception to the norm, and that this degree of rarity is usually fully reflected in the price of such a piece.

Wherever it has been necessary to carry out repairs, modifications or restoration, we endeavour to ensure that such work has been carried out by experienced professionals; with the aim of retaining as many original features and as much of the patina as possible

Antique oak Shapland and Petter Desk      Large Antique Desk        Antique kidney shaped desk


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