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Please note: we do not hold a stock of desks for immediate delivery.  We are not a shop, rather we search for specific items for our clients to meet their unique requirements.  Our speciality is finding rare or hard to find types of antique desk or antique office furniture

More details can be found on our "Desk Finder Service" Page

All stock items are shown as "SOLD" on this website.  They are included as examples of the hundreds of fine pieces of furniture that we have supplied to our many and varied clients from around the world

Our business is over 30 years old and was one of the first major UK Antique Dealerships to be fully established with our own website on the Internet.  Over the years we have sourced and sold literally thousands of pieces of fine furniture and desk accessories via the internet to Clients across the UK and Internationally

Over the years we have established an extensive and robust network of stock suppliers, professional restorers and skilled delivery agents (local, national and international) and we take great pride in the level of personal service that we can offer our Clients.

To date - after nearly 19 years of on-line trading via our own website - we have not had a single item returned - however - as always we offer our "No Quibbles Guarantee" - just in case !

One of the reasons for the success of our offering is our personal service and attention to detail.  We provide detailed and honest product descriptions - extensive photography (we hold a portfolio of nearly 10,000 digital images of our stock past and present) - and make great efforts to understand exactly what our Clients are looking for in their home or office.  For example most of our discussions with Clients start around "size".  It is vital that the piece fits its new home and that it is fit for its purpose of use - be it a large desk, small desk or a desk or bookcase of specific height or depth.

Each example of the sort of furniture we can supply that is listed on this website has a comprehensive data sheet and extensive gallery of photographs to allow our Clients to buy with confidence. We take a great care to ensure that our descriptions are as accurate as possible and our photographs are a true representation of condition and colour of each item.

Our example and archive desks are listed in a variety of categories e.g. size, style and age - see SEARCH STOCK

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