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Finding the perfect desk or table for your office, home office or study can be a time consuming process - why not let us help?  Over the years our business has sourced and sold literally thousands of high quality antique desks and writing tables and related pieces of antique office furniture.  Our extensive photographic database and knowledge can be used to help you find the perfect piece of furniture.  We offer this service to both Private and Corporate Clients, Interior Designers and leading UK and International dealers looking for ideas or help in sourcing unique pieces of office furniture.

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Each week has many enquiries from Clients who wish to buy a particular type of desk, in a particular wood and of specific dimensions.  Equally we are frequently contacted by many people trying to sell their desk or writing table.  Obviously we cannot stock every type of desk in every size - therefore we are pleased to offer our ANTIQUE DESK FINDING SERVICE whereby we find your ideal desk or antique writing table for you.

What we can find:    From our website you will see that we only deal in the very best genuine antique writing furniture (Partners Desks, Pedestal Desks, Writing and Library Tables, Unique Writing Desks, Davenports, Desk Chairs etc)  If you wish to purchase such a piece of furniture, or a related piece of antique office furniture then we can help you.  If we find your ideal piece of furniture and its is not in perfect condition then we can arrange for our professional restorers to attend to various details to bring each item up to standard.  In fact, in some instances, it may be possible to restore an item to match your specific decor e.g. fitting a new matching leather writing surface.

Antique Writing Desks - Antique Davenport Writing Desk James Winter

What we do:    We will find a desk or table to match your ideal specification as closely as possible.  We start by discussing your requirements in detail with respect to size, style, colour, age and of course budget.  We can compare your specification against our extensive database and photographs of previously sold items, to confirm the type of desk we shall be searching for.  With the brief agreed, we will then carry out a search and produce a report of what is available.  Once a short list has been agreed we will visit and inspect the shortlisted desks and negotiate or bid on your behalf to secure the item (s) at the best possible price.  If necessary throughout this process we may advertise on your behalf to widen the shortlist of possible desks or tables available to you.

How much will it cost?   Obviously we will aim to secure your chosen desk at the best possible price whether it is from a private seller, auction house or though our network of antique dealer contacts.  We call this purchase price the "Base Price".  To this will be added (at cost) any restoration costs, transport, auction premia and expenses incurred in the search, plus any advertising we conduct on the Clients behalf.  VAT may be charged as appropriate

The total of the "base price" plus all the other costs outlined above equals the "Gross Purchase Price" 

Prior to commencement of the search, we will agree our fee for the search, based on either a Percentage of the "Base Price" or a Fixed Amount,   We will not charge a fee (other than the expenses above) if we do not find your desk or table within an agreed reasonable time period.

What next:   If you wish to consider this option to purchase your desk then please CONTACT US directly by email - or use our ENQUIRY FORM to get more details.


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